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Beautiful, contemporary looking shades made by using hand-painted silk.

About Silk Lamps

painted silk lamps

Silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into textiles. It is obtained from the cocoon of silkworm larvae reared in captivity (sericulture). The shimmering appearance for which silk is prized comes from the fibers' triangular prism-like structure, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles. The process of harvesting the silk from the cocoon kills the larvae.

Silk lamp shades are old, antique or contemporary looking decorative pieces of art for your homes. They give you all the benefits of a standard shade plus so much more. They look extremely delicate and sober, especially when the color of cloth is light.

Like many traditional arts, the art of making lamps and shades is gradually becoming obsolete. More effort should be made to ensure a revival of this art. And that's exactly what it is, an art.

Beautiful looking shades can be made by using silk. This material is available in several colors. There are many designs that can be made on silk and used as a cover for you lamps. In all cases the result is a shade that looks elegant and refined.




A Little About Silk

This is a fiber spun by insects. Silk has been in cultivation for over five thousand years. China is the biggest producer of silk. It produces 65% of the world's supply. India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Brazil also produces good quality silk. A small amount of silk is made in England and Italy as well.

This fabric itself looks very elegant wherever it is draped. Be it curtains, dresses or even lamp shades, nothing can beat its elegance. It is a refined fabric, luxurious to look at and smooth and soft to feel. Fresh silk will not be harmed by insects and also has the property to resist mildew. This is an eco friendly product.

Silk is a very delicate fabric and thus fragile one too. A silk shade is a precious possession that adds a lot of class and elegance to your home or office, wherever you place it. But you must handle it with care.

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